Climate control could be the next most crucial Democracy issue to fall on in the Supreme Court.

The court issued two significant decisions this week – guns and abortions – and is expected to rule soon on a case that has far-reaching implications for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Experts say a court ruling in favor of those seeking to curb EPA authority could undermine the organization’s ability to prevent climate change from deteriorating.

“Once the court confiscates additional tools from the EPA, under the Clean Air Act to deal with emissions, it will be complicated for the United States to do a decent job in contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts,” said Robert Glicksman, professor of environmental law. George Washington University.

The court in February heard arguments that focused on the EPA’s ability to regulate climate law.

The lawsuit was filed by West Virginia-led states, which sought to prevent the Biden administration from setting standards that could lead to a shift in coal-fired power plants to those supported by clean energy sources.

Two coal companies and North Dakota also filed separate petitions to ask the high court to answer similar questions.

West Virginia argued that the EPA does not have the authority to set standards covering the entire energy sector and, instead, is limited to set limits on individual energy plants.

Although this difference may sound like technology, experts say it could significantly affect the planet’s carbon dioxide emissions.

William Buzbee, professor of law at the University of Georgetown, a court that imposed EPA restrictions on laws within the physical power plant could release additional tons of carbon dioxide that warms the entire planet.

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