Elite season 5 will release on Netflix on April 8, bringing the highly anticipated, fan-favorite Spanish series back for another scandalous season. It will be one of the finest new series launches of the year, and fans are excited to see their favorite characters again.

Will Guzmán, however, be one of the characters shown in Elite Season 5? The adolescent drama has a history of bringing in new cast members each season as former cast members, such as Ester Expósito and Danna Paola, and their characters depart Las Encinas forever.

Guzmán has been one of the most compelling characters in Elite, especially as fans have witnessed him evolve throughout the season, from the death of his sister Marina to his relationship with Nadia.

We already know that Elite season 5 will include a few new cast members to make up for certain departures. Here’s everything we know about Guzmán and actor Miguel Bernardeau in the upcoming season of Elite.

Will Guzmán return in Elite season 5?

Given where things ended up for Guzmán in Elite season 4, we’ll unlikely see him again in season 5. For those who don’t know (and don’t want to be spoiled! ), Guzmán murdered Armando and fled the country with his companion, Ander.

Following the start of season 4 last summer, Bernardeau announced that he would no longer be a series regular on Elite, sending fans a heartfelt statement.

While it’s unfortunate that we’ll be saying farewell to a character and actor we’ve been following from the beginning, it’ll be fascinating to see what repercussions Guzmán’s plot has on the other characters, especially Samuel.

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