The popular Spanish television program Wrong Side of the Tracks debuted on Telecinco on February 1, 2022. The first two seasons were broadcast on the network back-to-back and ended in May 2022. One of the most well-liked releases of the beginning of 2023 on the streaming service is Wrong Side of the Tracks season 2, which was just announced on Netflix in the United States on March 1, 2023. Because of its ubiquity, viewers are curious whether and when Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 will be available on Netflix. The television show Wrong Side of the Tracks has two seasons. Beginning in early 2022, Telecinco in Spain will broadcast each season in order. The two seasons are accessible on Netflix and will be watched from march 2023. The show follows Tirso Abantos, a retired military man who runs a hardware store and leads a peaceful life until his granddaughter is violently sexually assaulted, leading him on a quest for vengeance.

Has the series been renewed for next season?

Yes, the third season of Wrong Side of the Tracks is coming. The challenging part now is determining if and when it will be available on Netflix. Despite being marketed as a Netflix original series, the show is distributed in the US under a license. The question is whether Netflix has the right to broadcast season 3 because it seems like they need to be co-producing the show or doing something similar. It’s even harder to know if the season will be available on Netflix because it has yet to debut in Spain and doesn’t appear to have a release date.

Given the figures and Wrong Side of the Tracks’ placement in the March Netflix Top 10, it makes sense that Netflix would want this program. Given its popularity, we must assume that Netflix will continue to obtain the rights to the coming seasons of Wrong Side of the Tracks for domestic and international distribution. Netflix will need to confirm that, so we’ll have to wait.

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