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A long wait is over for the tech geeks and people who were eagerly waiting for Microsoft’s new launch. Yes, it is about Windows 11 which is finally launched and will be working after a few months from now. Today, the most confusing thing for a person is whether to switch to a new device or gadget for operations or to upgrade their older gadget.

Obviously, every new operating system demands something or needs some configuration to run and because of this, there are millions of questions from the viewers about the gadget. Rather we need a new device for windows 11 or we can use the older one for the same. No doubt, Windows 11 comes with some unique and interesting features, and many people are already loving it.

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Windows 11 is named the biggest upgrade of Microsoft since Windows 10 as it adds some new design and elegant look. The biggest and visible feature is the home screen and the attractive taskbar. The home button and options came on the centre of the screen earlier, locked on the left side.

Some basic and good features are new widgets, fonts and new icons. Not only this the best thing is the new inbuilt visuals added in microsoft’s new operating system. Anyways, you can check the event video if you haven’t till now on the Microsoft website.

Requirement for Windows 11:

You might get what Windows 11 is all about and how great its new features are; therefore, your Pc or device needs certain requirements so that you can easily enjoy the features of the new operating system. Here are the requirements,

RAM: The most important thing is the RAM in your PC or device which helps you to run programs or any operating system smoothly, therefore the new Windows 11 requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM to be able to run on your system. If you have a very old device or have a system with less than 4GB of RAM you cannot enjoy the elegant Windows 11.

Storage: For upgrading to windows 11 you need a minimum of 64GB of storage in your device or PC else you won’t be able to upgrade.

Processor: The processor plays an important part when it comes to gaming, operating system or any other heavy task. Here if you need to upgrade to Windows 11 you would need a processor of minimum 1GHz clock speed, 2 cores and also a 64-bit architecture. The processor requirements are very basic and are there in every AMD, Intel, Pentium and another processor.

Display: All of you might be having a PC or laptop and that too a screen bigger than 12-Inch therefore you are good to go with the new operating system. As per the requirement, it needs a minimum 9-Inch screen ratio.

Apart from the requirements and features, if you are still not familiar with the above-mentioned things you can simply download software from the official website of Microsoft which will help you to analyze your device health and configuration. The result will simply tell you whether you are eligible to download the new windows 11 or not.

So, let’s wait for the new windows update and enjoy the effective and attractive operating system.

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