The internet has been left in shock after a man shared that his female friend was not allowed to rent an apartment with him because of her job.

In a post on the popular Reddit forum r/antiwork that’s gone viral, user WBoluyt shared the story, with more than 18,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

He wrote: “My adult best friend is not “allowed” to room with me, per her employer.
My best friend and I have discussed renting a two-bed two bath and becoming roommates.

I am a gay man. My best friend is a straight woman, and she teaches orchestra at a private Christian school. I think you can see where this is going.

There is a clause in her hiring contract that prohibits her from “cohabitating with a man” unless married. (This is next to the “you can’t be a gay” clause, but I’ll rant about that some other time) It doesn’t matter that I’m gay (in fact that might make it worse), that we have separate bedrooms and bathrooms, or that she has a boyfriend.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling that in the 21st century, an employer can dictate your personal life like this. My friend is crestfallen, and I am too. I’m sure we could try to fight this, but she doesn’t want to rock the boat too much – outside of this she loves her job and she loves the kids.

I’m sick of living in a theocracy.”

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